The keeping of lent

The keeping of lent Fr. Francis DesMarais Each year, Christians throughout the world celebrate what is primarily a season of preparation for the approaching yearly reliving of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ, The Great Pascha - the Christian Passover. Through the centuries this time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving has been celebrated in many different ways, for different reasons, at different times, and for different lengths of time. But the message of Lent has been and continues to be the same. It is a time of purification and preparation. It is a yearly reminder of the h... +

The Divine Liturgy of Saint Germanus of Paris

The Divine Liturgy of Saint Germanus of Paris THE SAINT VENANTIUS PRESS ALBANY, NEW YORK August 1996 Explanatory Note The basis of the Divine Liturgy given here, often referred to as the Gallican Liturgy, is attributed to Saint Germanus (Germain) of Paris, a leading bishop and liturgist of the Church of Gaul during the sixth century. As with other liturgies which are given identifies under the names of leading hierarchs of the local churches during the first millennium of Christianity, this ascription is not meant to indicate authorship, but rather is a name given to honor one who assisted ... +