Sacraments – or Mysteries – are to the station of the life of the Church. They reset the man created to the image of God and support it to get) Its resemblance, become – ” god by the Grace ” -. The main sacraments are: the baptism, the chrismation, the eucharistie, the penance or conversion, the unction, the priesthood and the marriage. Are added numerous blessings: of churches, crosses, icons, houses, members (water, earth, firing), fruit of the earth, animals, the v?ux monastic, funerals, etc.

Sacraments: Baptism – Chrismation – Eucharist

The word – ” baptism ” – means: to dive, immerse, wash, recover. After the dip of the – ” old man ” – emerges the built-in new man to the Christ. In the orthodox Church, this sacrament acts by three complete dips, to the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The small children are baptized to the forty age days.

The – ” chrismation ” – by the unction of the Saint – Chrême, is inseparable the baptism and follows it immediately. The Holy Chrême, compound of oil of olive and precious balms, is devoted by the Saint – invoked Spirit by bishops. By this unction, the baptized becomes offspring the People of God.

Ordination – This sacrament is constitutive the hierarchy of the Church.

Alone bishops have the plenitude of the priesthood and it be able to grade or to anoint. Minor orders: porters, readers, exorcists, acolytes, under – deacons. Orders major: deacons, priests, bishops.

In the orthodox Church of France bishops are elected by the people and sacredness by the hierarchy by two or three bishops. Bishops have to be single or widowers. Married men can receive minor orders, as well as orders major of the diaconat and the priesthood.

Marriage – In the orthodox Church, the marriage of the man and the woman has not for fine the procreation.

It reflects the marriage of the Christ and the Church. It transcends the carnal disjunction and the legal disjunction, and puts the foundation of the small Church that is the family. In it and by it, the Kingdom of God becomes an experience vivante. Its three steps – betrothals, marriage and coronation – symbolize the three steps of the salvation: Christmas, Easter and Pentecôte.

The marriage has a unique character. Nevertheless, a second marriage of widowers or divorced can be admitted after examination of the case and a period of penance.